Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let the festivities begin - Christmas 2009

It has been a wonderful weekend.  As it winds down we are cozy watching the Packer game, eating pizza and Christmas cookies, playing with all our new toys...and being jolly even though we are all tuckered out.  Here are a few shots from yesterdays celebration. 

Trying to get a family shot...once again.

The holidays are overwhelming for this child.  But after a little bit of time he is roaring around like his older brother. 

Both boys did an amazing job passing out gifts at the crazy Santa gift party.  On my mom's side we have a party where we buy each other silly or nice little gifts and wrap and tag them from Santa or other random people (famous people, presidents, childhood friends etc.)  Many of the gifts are silly or meant to make people laugh.  Then all year you try and figure out who they are from.  While Charley and I were wrapping a bag of salt and vinegar chips for daddy we got hungry.  So we opened the bag and both had a small handful.  The tag on that gift said: 
To: Ed
From:  Hungry Santa
There is an obnoxious amount of gifts and the boys passed them out wonderfully.  They knew who everyone was and had a lot of fun. 

Grandma and her grandsons!

Happy Grandma and two of her boys!

Two very tired parents enjoying every second of their son's first Christmas!  Always fun to hang out with my sister and her husband.

Very proud BIG cousin!

Henry got it this year.  He is now aware of what presents this a good thing? Not so sure!  We were able to have all our gifts that we were giving out under our tree all last week.  Many friends admitted they couldn't do that.  I think partly this was because Henry hasn't had his 2 year old birthday - so he didn't realize that they COULD be for him.  Now he does.  But really - the excitement of children makes the season jolly. 

Henry started saying thank you this weekend.  Yipee!  Charley was so excited.  He enjoyed the giving but he was definitely a typical (at least I am hoping it is typical) five year old...and got swept up in the excitment...noticing every gift that was for himself.  Ed and I cringed at times but everyone assured us that it was all normal.  Charley was a joy opening gifts - saying things like "OH! I always wanted this.  Or I love it - thank you!"  Natural, honest, and excited.  I am very proud of them. 

While Grandma juggled Eli in one arm she played games with her other two grand-boys!

Eli enjoyed grabbing at all the presents and helping open up gifts!

It all goes too fast and I of course relaxed and didn't take as many pictures.  Christmas has begun for our family and it will be a wonderful week.  I am just hoping that tomorrows 6 hour car ride home goes better than our trip here.

How did you spend your weekend before Christmas!?

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Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas photos! Especially the one of the 3 boys under the tree. Soooo classic!



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