Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas music...and other random thoughts...

The other day I shared a few children's books that I enjoy. On the music player at the bottom of my blog I have now picked a few of my favorite Christmas songs. I think every year I buy one album to add to my least I have the last couple years. This year I bought the Jim Brickman Cd available at Target. I have been loving piano music for the last year so I kept with that theme.

The first song playing on my blog right now is 2000 Miles by the Pretenders. Ed and I danced to a different Pretender's song for our first dance at our wedding. This 2000 Miles song is Ed's VERY FAVORITE Christmas song. He loves it. I remember the first time he played it for me...they were throwing a holiday party the first year we had graduated from college and with all the crazy early 20's fun going on all around us he danced with me in the living room. I love that this song makes him smile.

I hope you are finding holiday spirit in your life right now. I am trying to focus less on baking - the last few years I have gone way overboard on the holiday baking. I don't need all those sweets in the house, because we all know who nibbles them up - Yep! ME!

I am also trying to think "less is more" this holiday for shopping for our boys. They are blessed and loved by so many- their mama can calm down a little on their holiday shopping.

I am determined to work on teaching gratitude and giving with Charley. He is at that ripe age where it is ME! ME! MEEEEE! I have some plans and I will share as we start attacking the "greed monster." I know it is natural and I know it is normal - but I would love to have a not normal child when it comes to this. We'll see what I can do...I have about two weeks before the festivities begin for our family.

Finally, Henry's pooping schedule right now is about 2:30 in the afternoon - DAMN that is annoying! It wakes him an hour early from his nap. What is there to do about this...but hope for a change in the bowel movements. Too much info???? sorry! Couldn't help it..he is waking right now with a stinky little package for me!

Merry Christmas...

Oh, and I am wondering: Do you get a real or fake tree? and Does St. Nick visit your house?


Barb said...

1. River (by anyone, but especially Robert Downey Jr.)
2. Silent Night
3. Felice Navidad (with friends on vacation).

Anonymous said...

hmmm i like sarah mclaughlin's xmas cd. but i too like "River" by anyone. i like trans siberian orchestra music too!!! andy LOVES robert downey jr. his favorite!! love xmas music! YES st. nick is coming to our house this year b/c we had a little boy who was VERY GOOD and well behaved!!! RR

molly said...

We caved to a fake, PRE-LIT tree two years ago. I LOVED the tradition of hiking in the snow to pick out and cut down our tree... but hated the battle with the lights (That often turned into a battle between Jake and I! :) ), so we are prelit and loving our very real-looking, fake tree. :)
I am loving the Casting Crowns Christmas CD so far this year.

Heather said...

We have a fake tree, just easier for traveling. And it is the trimming of the tree that is big in our house.
We do celebrate St. Nick, I think of it as a little peak at things to come.

Anonymous said...

1. johnny mathis and bing crosby christmas albums (listened to these records over and over growing up)
2. REAL REAL REAL tree!!
3. st nick ALWAYS visits.
4. sewed lily a stocking last night!!


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