Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snowy Morning...

Last night I almost blogged about the weather. It has gotten colder but we have really had no snow. It is hard to feel the Christmas spirit without the white stuff. However, I thought about how nice it has been to run errands, play outside, go for walks, not have the shovel burden, etc. So I decided not to jinx it...I guess I had that feeling because snow was in the air. This morning we woke up to white flakes falling, the driveway and road covered, and two little boys excited to get out there. Mama went into "find winter gear" mode...which I feel like I did a few weeks ago but it all melted so it all got shoved back in the wrong spots and shopping for new stuff went on hold. We managed to find things that fit decent enough. We shoveled, ran around, got a sled ride, and caught flakes on our tongue.

BEST THING: Both boys fit nicely into snow gear and can fall down and get up all by themselves. We hiked around the house and Henry managed - granted there was only a dusting in the grass. As a parent you bundle up your little infant the first year and carry them around. The next year when they are 1 you bundle them up but have to be right by their side in case they biff it and need their face lifted out of the snow, and when they are verging on two, like Henry, they can enjoy it out there more least in snow that isn't too deep.

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