Thursday, November 19, 2009

They melt in your mouth...and down your chin...not in your hand!

Henry is still dealing with a little bug. Today his cough is much much better but he now is working on a nice low grade fever. He is eating like a champ and took an okay nap, he has yet to catch up though on a few shorter naps this week and then of course the midnight trip to the ER on Monday. So he is can see it in his eyes in this video.

Today he got up from nap and I could hear the pitter patter of his little feet and his little grunt as he climbed the stool. Then I heard the Halloween candy bowl get dragged on the counter, some candy wrestling around, and then a few more grunts as he climbed down. Then he appeared at my side with what he wanted.

Here is Henry enjoying some m&ms....they aren't PEZ...but you can tell they are so good...they don't melt in his mouth but they definitely melt down his chin. The crunching could definitely become a pet peeve if they weren't so adorable.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha the crunching is the best! Love charley's little wave. i miss these boys so much! RR

Grandma Charlie said...

So glad he is feeling good enough to eat m&m's!

Barb said...

I laughed right out loud so hard! So cute! Shall I send him some Pez? Charley & Henry and candy. You are a great mom to let them enjoy Halloween candy.


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