Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things that are making me smile these days...

1. I love making my boys breakfast every up - not so much...but discussing it a bit with them, surprising them, or just being bossy mom and saying this is what we are having. It is a joy to watch them devour it. I think it is the meal where they eat the most.

2. Preschool mornings are going great. The mornings aren't rushed or crabby. Charley is excited to go every school day. We have a great carpool system set up which means I only have to drive two out of the 6 times each week.

3. This blog made me smile. It is a little long but I love some of her thoughts on the outlandish list of Oprah's holiday gift ideas.

4. Last night I fed the boys an early dinner. Once the boys were in bed Ed and I had a yummy dinner while watching How I Met Your Mother together. It is the one show we enjoy together each week.

5. Working out - I have used my elliptical 6 out of the last 9 days! I am up to 30 minute workouts on there. I WILL continue with this. This has resulted in a ton more water consumption. It must be the enormous amount of sweat that results in one thirsty mama!

6. Henry is more like himself and far less coughy. We will head in for a check up with his doctor today. He slept good last night - me, I was still up checking on him every hour or two but he slept well.

7. Henry loves his big brother and is constantly reminding me that he is not here when Charley is off playing somewhere or at school. He asks, "Char-E?" after nap everyday.

8. I have a friend that knew I had a late night on Monday and could use a little help justifying having a movie afternoon with Charley. She dropped off her favorite popcorn (Boyscout brand). She and I are popcorn loving girls. Thanks Jesse! It was a treat! We'll have to find time to go get the movie theater stuff again soon.

9. PEZ - you know the old candy that you stick in the dispenser. Henry has learned how to work it and enjoy it. It totally makes him happy and so extremely proud. I give him four at a time and after filling it and then handing it to him, he waddles away and then turns and says, "Byeee (while waving)." He is so proud. Then from across the room I watch him find a spot and eat them all in less then 20 seconds. SO cute!

10. Anticipation of Thanksgiving travels - We will make our rounds visiting family and even some friends! Can't wait to hold babies, visit, consume unbelievable amounts of calories, and play games! It goes fast - I am always too full - but it is oh so much fun!


Anonymous said...

This is aunt raina asking for a video of Henry eating his PEZ. pleeeease! or even just any old video of henry. sounds like he is at the cutest stage ever.

Anonymous said...

So glad that Henry is feeling better! Way to go on the workouts!


Anonymous said...

I agree! I want a video of Henry waving bye and going off to eat his Pez. Sarah - you go girl! Keep up with that elliptical :-) Love, Grandma Barb

The Gardiner Family said...

Great job on the eliptical!


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