Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa doesn't buy the toys - he makes them!

So during one of Charley's less than finer moments today I of course had to bring up Santa...Here is our conversation:

Mama: Charley, this time of year you have to really watch it.

Charley: Watch what?

Mama: Watch your behavior and your choices.

Charley: Why? Why this time of year?

Mama: Because, this is the time of year when everyone that loves you is thinking about giving you a special gift...including Santa. You remember, he is watching to see if you are making good choices.

Charley: Well I do want a Wii from Santa.

Mama: Well, that is a big gift. Those are better make really good choices.

Charley: Well mama, don't you know! Santa doesn't buy the presents. He makes them.

And I will end it here because this stuff is tough - man being a parent can actually make your brain hurt. I went into this longgggggg explanation on how Santa knows how much things are at Target and then thinks about the choices a child makes...and I think eventually, Charley wandered from the kitchen and I was still explaining to the apple I was slicing how Santa rationalizes the toys he "makes" and gives. HAHAHA! Now I have tears coming down my face. Seriously - if I wasn't a hunting widow this weekend I would have a glass of wine in my hand.

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