Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grace in Small Things #35

1. We survived two 5-year old birthday at a bowling alley and one at an inflatable indoor park. Charley had a super time and I loved taking it all in. The two moms who threw the parties amazed me. I hope they are sitting back with a cold brew or a glass of wine tonight realizing how lucky their kids are to have them as moms.

2. A bowl of neapolitan ice cream...hits the spot.

3. I love knowing that those I love are enjoying the weekend: My parents are enjoying a weekend with good friends and the Packers. My husband is enjoying the quiet woods while hunting. My sister is having a nice weekend at home with her family. My brother is having an adventure. My mother in law got to shop with her daughter. My friend Lynelle is enjoying a weekend away with the girls. My friend Jesse is on a family vacation. My friend Sarah is due any day now with her third miracle! And so on....

4. I am thankful that Charley has been so patient about eating his Halloween candy. I Loved this idea...we still have a mighty big bowl of Halloween loot leftover. This might be in the plans for next week.

5. I appreciate that every night before I got to bed I reflect on the day and always look forward to a new day tomorrow...a fresh start...

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