Friday, November 20, 2009

Kept my cool...

So tomorrow is a huge day for Charley. He has two birthday parties - one after bowling and one at an indoor park thing where there are blow up slides etc. He will be exhausted. These are his first two "real" birthday parties. I just first mentioned one of the parties this morning but didn't mention both. And I didn't even remind him where the party would be held. I was trying really hard to not talk about it because if he got sick and had to miss them it would be devastating. While he was at school this morning I took Henry to Toys R Us to get birthday presents...

On a side note...these being our first two birthday parties..I have no clue what people give at these things... how much they spend...and I have no idea what toys they have. I just knew I couldn't take Charley this time.

So I brought Henry. When we got home I put the big bag up on the washer and dryer - PLOTTING that I wouldn't even show them or talk about the parties until Saturday morning. So when Charley got home from school what did Henry do....He toddled into the laundry room and yelled, "Charee! ------- Charee! ----See! See!" So cute but yet it was not how I planned to get through this day.

So Charley went into the laundry room and there stood Henry pointing at the big Toys R Us bag. Nice! So the excitement began. For the rest of the day I could tell Charley was ruined of all rational thought. Everything was emotional and blown out of proportion. He was feisty, mean, and even said things to me like, "If you turn that off I will come hit you." This is not something my Charley ever says. The excitement of the birthday parties is either to blame...or tomorrow when he wakes he will be full blown sick....or he was just really tired and will be a changed man. I did convince him to take a nap and he slept for over an hour! I figured he would have some popcorn and a movie time with me tonight..but Heck NO! Not when he was acting like he was. So he was in bed and I was out of there by 7:20.

Let it be known that I kept my cool extremely well tonight and even tried reading a story from his bible and tried to relate it to our day (the story I read was about Saul who didn't treat Jesus or his followers nicely. Jesus made Saul blind and then led him to see again...I don't know it was really too short to get too much more detail...but in the end Saul could see and saw that he was NOT treating people respectfully and he was a changed man. They changed his name to Paul...)yes, I was Jesus in my discussion with Charley. We decided no one would want Saul to come to their party...but Paul would for sure be invited! He decided as Henry's big brother that grump Saul would not be a good big brother for Henry. We talked a little about respect and listening...So tomorrow I told him, "I hope when you wake you can see again....that I am your mama who loves you and wants to bring you to 2 fun birthday parties...etc." Am I good or what! Hilarious!

To end...I left his room at 7:20 and he was sleeping by 7:45...even with the long nap! Incredible- the boy was tired. I just pray that he wakes a changed man. He was definitely not himself today. I am so excited for him and can't wait to share in the fun. He is a lucky boy and he is a good boy...but damn that kid is exhausting!

And as I type this I am finding out that Oprah is announcing her retirement! WHAT! My life is over! More on this issue later! Night!

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