Friday, November 20, 2009

Grace in Small Things #34

1. I've Got a Feeling by the BlackEyed Peas is an excellent song. It is great for working out. I have been craving my exercise time so I can listen to this song. It makes me want to work out and it makes me feel so happy...maybe it is the memory of the Oprah kickoff flash mob dance thing...I don't know. But it is great! I have worked out 4 times this week so far! I have to note this because it motivates me to keep going. Do you have a favorite workout song...I could use a recommendation.

2. I got both boys to nap today. I can tell Charley is on the verge of catching what Henry had. He has also been very crabby in the afternoons. He has a very big and exciting day tomorrow...and I convinced him his chances of participating tomorrow would increase drastically with a little extra he took an hour and half nap duct taped to his bed (just kidding).

3. The Christmas bins are about to rise from the depths of our basement. Charley has been begging to decorate and I am going to cave very soon. It just doesn't feel like Christmas yet...with all the sunshine, green grass, and mild we will give it a go when the sun or tomorrow.

4. Sausage pizza...for some reason I am obsessed with it. And I really want to kick off my widow hunting weekend with it..ha! But Charley is due to eat pizza twice it fair to make him eat it for dinner tonight?

5. The board game Trouble. We have been playing nightly against daddy and he wins every time. Charley and I will work hard to figure out our strategy this weekend so we can take him down when he gets home!


Anonymous said...

That is one of my favorite workout songs too..but I haven't worked out since it came out. Haha. Another of my favorites is "So What" by PINK. and also "Forever" by Chris Brown. RR ps I love sausage pizza too! heehee

Anonymous said...

Are you really up to #34? You are inspiring.


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