Monday, November 9, 2009

I Got to Give a Haircut!

Growing up I always played school and it was inevitable that I would become a teacher. I also played a lot of house - so to be a mom seems about right. I also dreamed I would be a hairdresser, work in an eclectic salon, wear fashion that was on the cutting edge, and change my hairstyle all the time. Didn't least not yet.

So today, the weather is gorgeous - even more beautiful than the weekend. I wish Ed could be home to putter around today. It is in the 60's! Amazing for November in Minnesota. So Ed called to check in and I whined about not having anything to do outside. I asked if he could give me some direction. He told me to get out the trimmer/saw thingy and work on the front bush.

My response, "Meaning you want to come home to no bush in front of our house?"

He said, "Whatever I do will be fine; it can always grow back."

So Charley and I went out to work on the bush. We are in need of some landscaping work...and this is the only substantial growth that we have in the front of our house. So I hate to think it wouldn't be there...our house would be really plain then. But I also got excited....

So here are the before and after pictures! This is so fun!



In closing, I think I did pretty good for the first time.....however, sadly I think this bush is on it's last winter. Anyone need a haircut?

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Anonymous said...

haha i don't want you to cut my hair. you gave it a bowl cut! haha. it's a boy bush that's for sure!!! RR


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