Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grace in Small Things #33

1. I appreciate going to the park with a friend and having her keep a close eye on Henry because I am keeping a close eye on her little one. Isn't that what mom friends are for! Tag Teaming!

2. I was able to whip up a balanced meal within 1 hour of knowing Ed WAS going to be home for dinner (he was not going to be home for dinner).

3. Another beautiful fall day. We hit a park in the morning and we hit a park in the evening. Eeking every last minute of comfortable out of these November fall days.

4. Another meal group swap this month. My freezer is bursting with meals and ingredients..we made a Costco run this weekend. I should not have to spend more than 30 bucks a week on bread, milk, eggs, and fruit and veggies for the next month or two. We are stocked on so much stuff.

5. Time with my boys one on one. Henry and I had his class this morning. He is still pretty clingy but he is liking his teacher and is smiling a lot more. Charley and I had a nice afternoon together playing and learning. Feels good.

Curious for those that read my blog...what do you like to read on here...updates on the kids...pictures...what we are eating...how we are spending the day....my reflections on life...activities I keep them busy with...and is the music annoying? Just curious.


The Gardiner Family said...

I stalk or I mean read your blog for many reasons. I love your writing style. I enjoy the mixture. I really like the Grace in Small Things, your reflections on life, espeically the one about I get too! Plus watching what your kiddos are up too!

Ross Family said...

I love your blog. I am not going to lie I check it several times a time, so I am a stalker too! I love how you write, LOVE seeing the pictures of the boys, really just love everything about it! YOu give me ideas for my blog, but also don't want to copy you! I love the music, I sometimes leave it on when I am doing stuff around the house! Since I don't live with raina anymore I don't get to listen to her music which is similiar to yours so fun for me to listen to yours and hers!!

Sarah said...

Thanks ladies! I get in a funk and don't always have something to write about so then I wonder...how far from the kids I should stretch. Thanks for the feedback. I enjoy both your blogs too!

Anonymous said...

i am you're #1 stalker-i mean follower :) I love them all-but that's because you're family is so special to me. i love the pictures and alllll your content. keep it coming...more and more please. aunt raina

Anonymous said...

i agree with all the ladies above--your mix is a good mix...the pictures and stories about the boys are great! but i like hearing about all the good and bad..makes me feel more normal! now that i work, i check less often...but definitely daily!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! It's fun to hear about what you you're up to. How about some tips on your low-cost dinners? What do you buy at Costco?


Heather said...

I like to read about your days, whether it is your thoughts or just what you did. Helps to know there is another mom out there doing or feeling the same way:) I turn off the music, not b/c i don't like it, just have other noises in the house, ha ha.


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