Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grace in Small Things #31 National Housewives Day

Yes! It is an actual holiday - at least some of my friends are claiming this. And I believe them. But today it is National Housewives Day. So today I will be thankful and find grace in 5 things that I appreciate about being a housewife today and not in years past.

1. Dishwashers: I HATE unloading it. But boy am I grateful that I can load it and push wash!

2. Washing machines and dryers: Mine may sound like it is ready to take off into outer space, but I sure do appreciate not having to carry loads to the river to wash by hand. And my days of using the laundry in the dorm basement or at the laundromat have GLADLY passed.

3. Pizza Places: When it is that kind of day - I appreciate being able to swing by and pick up a hot, cheesy pizza that doesn't cause more dishes and counters to be cleaned up.

4. A Bathtub: Not only does it clean my boys on a nightly basis but I have one of my own that I can enjoy on nights when the housewife duties have me needing a glass of wine and bubble time.

5. Freedom: As a woman of today, I had the chance to choose to not only become a wife but to have children and take a leave from my career of teaching to be a housewife. And though some women might not make this same choice, we all can agree that our daughters will grow up with the freedom to choose their own path.

On a side note: when thinking about what a housewife is...I looked it up and was linked to the common web resource...Wikipedia. TAKE NOTE! YOU CAN NOT ALWAYS TRUST EVERYTHING YOU READ - even when you think it is posted on a reputable site: Check out how Wikipedia defines housewife. CRAZY!


The Gardiner Family said...

What is with wikipedia? I couldn't believe what I was reading.

Becca said...

Ha ha, that is kind of funny! Obviously it is someone trying to be a smartass. Wikipedia is not a reputable site though. Pretty much anyone can edit the entries, so I personally wouldn't trust most of the content on there!

Anonymous said...

I told my husband about the housewife definition on wikipedia and he changed it right away! Ha! Jamie Trampe

Sarah said...

Good to know. I guess I didn't know it wasn't rebutable...and I am guessing others wouldn't either. Glad it is changed!


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