Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A parent thinks she has it all figured out...

and then daylight savings time hits!

Sleep is one of the biggest challenges a parent deals with. At first it is getting them to sleep, racking up good sleep hours, and catching a few zzz's yourself. Later it is about routine, putting them to bed so that you can have some evening time to yourself. Then the focus is napping, how much, when to put them down, how long to let them sleep - do you dare ever skip the nap?! Then you get in a groove and you know what to expect every night. You might not be happy with the hour of rising in the morning but you at least know what to expect. But then Daylight Savings time hits and


You are once again obsessed with sleep and how you are going to get back to good.

Henry has been waking up around 6-6:15 (prior to Saturday's clock change). His body clock is firmly set and there is barely any variance to his morning routine. When we turned the clocks back this year I knew it was a possible life changing event. My hour of wake would soon be 5:15! Sure enough, the first morning he was up at 4:57. Yesterday it was 5:09. Today though - 6:15! Yes, those are bells you are hearing, angels rejoicing, a parade marching down our street! We'll see if it was a fluke or if it only disrupted us for two mornings! Charley on the other hand is still a little mixed up but he is at least able to lay quietly and rest when he sees that his clock doesn't have a 7 on it.

Daylight savings time is not my favorite thing.

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Anonymous said...

I don't like Daylight Savings Time either. My girls get up ealier because it is lighter earlier. I think we are going to try to put a dark sheet over the window so it stays darker in the mornings. Jamie Trampe


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