Friday, October 2, 2009

What I did today...

1. Got Charley off to school.
2. Dollar store for Halloween decorations...they have some cute ones!
3. Target for groceries.
4. Baked two loaves of french bread in our bread maker...
5. Served Charley and Henry lunch.
6. Got Henry down for a nap.
7. Did a Halloween craft with Charley.
8. Vacuumed the downstairs.
9. Cleaned the guest bathroom and guest room.
10. Did 5 loads of laundry and sorted it...not all folded and put away.
11. Baked an apple pie.
12. Made homemade noodles for the first time!
13. Hung up some of our Halloween decorations.
14. Took a shower but need another one.
15. Found two lost library books.
16. Read a few books to both the boys.
17. Lined up a few cars with Hank.
18. Ready for my parents to arrive...with an Oktoberfest beer in my hand and my feet up while my boys watch Dora while both jammed into their "boat" (a laundry basket).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!!! how did the homemade noodles turn out? So interested. Wish I was there! sounds super duper fun. love that the boys were in their boat last night. RR


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