Thursday, October 1, 2009

Road Trip Inspired by Tomatoes!

So yesterday I took a day road trip with my boys down to visit Ed's cousin Molly.....and I am now going to stop calling her "Ed's cousin" and just call her my cousin too. We left early and caught the sunrise over a train. When I get caught by a train I do not get crabby...I roll down the window...even though it is only 43 degrees and I tell the boys to listen. LOVE IT! Maybe because I did this with my mom as a kid.

The day was relaxing yet a ton of work. We were visiting mainly so that Molly could teach me how to can tomatoes. However, it was also such a nice chance to chat, let the kids visit, and take a break from our normal daily routines. The boys played wonderfully. Henry napped like a champ. Charley was sooo independent and I was able to can a bunch of jars of tomatoes. It is a lot of work. And I think I could do it by myself now, however, it is a lot more fun to do it with someone. Molly made a delicious lunch ( I want the recipe!). We stayed long enough to play outside with the BIG cousins...Charley waited patiently for them to get home from school. These are actually their second cousins but Charley thinks of them as his cousins and he idolizes and treasures any time we have with them. They are so nice to give him attention.

I really enjoyed the day. It inspired me! Thanks Molly for giving up a beautiful sunny fall day to hole up in the kitchen slicing and dicing tomatoes. You are a pro. I wish I had taken a picture of your canning pantry. AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! And I wish I would have had Charley take a picture of the two of us. Marrying Ed brought many people into my glad to have spent the day with my cousin Molly.

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