Sunday, October 4, 2009

Can't pass this up!

Ed has been taking Charley to Home Depot on the first Saturday of the month for a year or so now. At Home Depot on the first Saturday of the month they have a kids project area set up. They always have a cute project for the kids to make, and it is free. It has always been a daddy and Charley time. This weekend was my first time attending...Henry's too. I was SOOO IMPRESSED - even though they had it set up outside this time and it was very chilly....but the kids used actual hammers and nails and there were at least 15 sets of dads/moms, and kids working hard. The pounding was hilarious. I helped both boys a little, while Ed bounced between us trying to make sure we did it right. I would encourage any parent to take advantage of this opportunity. How can you not bring your child and let them hammer for REAL! Even I could assemble this project - so do it! This month they made cute fire station banks with slots for saving, spending, and sharing! Mark your calendars and don't miss out in November!

And you can't not stop and try out the riding lawn mowers.

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Anonymous said...

Charley looks like GRANDPA BOB on the lawn mower! haha RR


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