Thursday, October 1, 2009

Open or Closed?

So I am home all day as a "stay - at - home" mom. But most days we leave and go out and about so it is hard to consider myself "stay-at-home." However, when we are home I love having our front door open. The big heavy door..not the storm door...or what is it they call it. But by having it open, I feel like I am part of the world. The outside light enters our house more and I feel welcoming. My boys and I go for lots of walks and we have neighbors that leave their front doors and garages open all the time...whether they are there or not. Then there are some neighbors that I have never seen their front door open or their garage. I would love to know...are you an open that front door and let the world know you are home (which can bite you in the ass if the Kirby man comes a knocking) or do you keep your door closed all the time? If you keep it closed...why? Maybe I should have mine closed. Is it a safety thing? a heat loss thing? a privacy thing? or do you just not think about it. I am dreading the winter because it is smart to keep it closed to keep the heat in but then I feel sooo isolated. Would love to hear your front door philosophy.


Anonymous said...

Well, I was open door until Tommy learned how close the storm door...those little fingers wouldn't stand a chance!


Heather said...

I am a closed door person. Our golden retriever loves to sit at the front door and look out the windows that go to the ground. If I left the door open, that storm door wouldn't hold her in! Squirrels love to come right up to the porch.
Also - I just don't hang out by the foyer area or living room, so I don't think about it. But homes with front doors open do seem more inviting:)

Anonymous said...

i'm a closed door person. mainly b/c bailee will sit there and bark at people that walk by and we live by a busy road and it gets loud! but when i do open it, or leave it open (in the summer usually) i LOVE it, and feels more fresh in our house...not so dark. i know what you mean...

Anonymous said...

OPEN door for sure! I love to be able, as my mom says, watch the world go by. First thing I do in the morning is open the window blinds and the front door! I feel the house is so much more depressing when the door is I should feel sick or something.


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