Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grace in Small Things #29

I just heated up some hot chocolate...just can't get the chill out of my bones today. It got me thinking...I have several favorite beverages that I choose for different reasons throughout the day....So today I appreciate having choices to fit the moment during the day:

1. Hot Chocolate - when chilled and need a cozy beverage!

2. Simply Apple Cider - steamy and warm if not in the mood for #1

3. Diet Coke - this week I am trying caffeine free

4. Water - when I am out to eat I refuse, most days to buy the overpriced beverage and I also try really hard to get some water in me during the day.

5. Red wine - Now that daylight savings time is ending...margaritas and cold beers just don't hit the spot...but a glass of wine while cooking dinner makes me feel cozy and relaxed. I will also admit that I am NOT a wine snob. So right now there sits a good old box of wine on our counter!

So what are your thoughts on beverages that get you through the day...what do you NEED? What makes you happy? What helps you get through?


Anonymous said...

alright-i have been drinking 1 diet coke in the am. LOVE It. missed it when i was preggers. dont' know why-b/c i just don't think that soda even diet is beneficial in any way. i also love the warm apple stuff-YUM. it goes down so fast tho! i can't do hot chocolate but i do like that. i also noticed andy drinking a glass of skim milk with a tortilla that had peanut butter on it. that looked SO good. i've been doing soy milk on my cereal-i don't like that plain. i also like diet orange soda.
but i try not to drink soda that often. more water water water.
oh-and for wine-Relax Reisling.

Barb said...

Coffee in the morning - 1/2 decaf 1/2 regular - perfect! Splurge is a cafe mocha from a coffee spot in our town. 1 diet coke a day. Milk or water with supper. A cold beer a glass of white zin on weekends. I'm pretty boring aren't I?

Kim said...

Hmmm...turning on the coffee pot at 5:15 am seems to wake me up just as much as actually drinking it! Then, another cup when I get to school. I love sugar free creamer! I make some tea after lunch when I'm freezing in my classroom. And, like you, enjoy a glass of red during or after dinner.

Grandma Charlie said...

I do love my coffee in the am, the darker the roast, the better. After finding out my bones are not as strong as they should be, I definitely have increased my milk intake, 10 oz. three times a day plus calcium fortified OJ. I know this is very boring, but I say it to all you young women--keep your bones strong. Take a Ca supplement with Vit D if you need to.


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