Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 year old birthday recap

Thanks to my blog Charley's birthday was great. Thank you friends for interacting and giving me hints on making the most of his special day. Haley, thanks for reminding me that kids ride free on their birthday at the ride park at the mall. Not only that but they get into the Underwater World...both requests by the birthday boy! Probably saved us 40 bucks! Thank you Kim for the castle idea! BEST MONEY I HAVE SPENT IN A LONG TIME - on toys! And thank you for all the wishes of happy birthday - I shared them with the birthday boy! This is what makes blogging so fun!

So for Charley's birthday we went to see the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra on Saturday morning. We won tickets to a free family event. There were activities beforehand for the kids. Both boys loved it and it brought the good old days of BAND back for me. I LOVED exposing the kids to the brass concert. I said to Ed, this is what being parents is all about...not signing them up or pushing them early but for exposing and making them realize that there are these wonderful different options out there. After the concert we had a fun lunch downtown and then headed home.

Sunday we got up and opened presents right away. From our household he got some Nerf guns (that I am regretting) and a play dough burger making thing that he played with for an hour on Monday afternoon (score). He also got a few other things. From family and friends he was gifted many generous things. The boy was spoiled. The item I ordered did not arrive in time. After presents we sang happy birthday and had donuts for breakfast - we NEVER have donuts so this was a special treat.

Then we headed to the mall and visited Underwater World. A very cool experience but WAY too much money to go without having a child under two who is free, a birthday boy, and 10 dollars worth of coupons.

After underwater world we went to ride some rides at the mall amusement park. I have taken the boys here before but Ed hadn't been here with us yet. Both boys love to ride! So fun that on your birthday you get a free unlimited wristband! So we only had to buy tickets for Henry to ride...and since both boys are still "little" we could ride with them for free. It was a blast!

Returning home we had a nappy Hank and a boy who was ready to play with his new spaceship. Later we walked over to the nearby garden center to see the pumpkins, cow, and goat. We raked leaves for a bit and had pancakes for dinner. Charley had requested alfredo but we went to Olive Garden for lunch and were all too full. So we had that Monday night instead.

Yesterday the package that I had ordered online arrived. Ed and I had talked that we could wait until Xmas for the gift if it came and I could snatch and hide it...or if Charley forgot...but Charley didn't forget. So when it arrived yesterday we waited all day for daddy to get home so we could open it. My friend Kim mentioned that this item, normally 99.99 was on sale for 49.99 and had free shipping. I went and checked it out and fell for it. She said her girls and her 2nd grade son love it. It is the home to many "guys" and dolls. The castle is AWESOME! It will occupy both boys for hours and years! It is sturdy and has lots of nooks and crannies for their "guys" to live. It is bigger than Henry so there is plenty of space for more than one child to play with it. I AM SO THRILLED and Ed seemed pretty happy with it too! This morning there was no asking for a cartoon and he can't wait to get home to play with it. It is the best money I have spent on a toy for a long time (and normally our money is spent recycling toys by finding treasures at garage sales)! I even want to play with it :) I think this will be one of those gifts that he will always remember!

This weekend we will continue with the festivities when family comes into town for Halloween. He will finally get his cake! So he didn't have a party but I think he had more than enough excitement. So next year when my child becomes a Kindergartner he can look forward to a kid party - or he can opt for more family time! Who knows...maybe the family time will win out!


Anonymous said...

i love that donut picture!! so special. also-i want to play with that castle too. that looks like one of those toys that will come and go with popularity at different ages and all his friends will be "WOWED" he won't let you sell at a garage sale :) RR

Anonymous said...

I think you'll have to warn Charley & Henry to share that castle with Cory when we come over next time. Did Ed say that it reminded him of his "Castle Guard" days?????



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