Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grace in Small Things #30

Brought to you by Henry:

1. Ritz crackers - not the whole wheat ones. Just the regular old Ritz crackers. "Num!" is his comment after he bites in.

2. Wa-Ter. Henry loves his water!

3. Dora - his beautiful brown eyed goddess these days!

4. The arrival of his big brother home from school. "See Char!" he says as the carpool van pulls up to drop him off.

5. His nuk! He loves it! It soothes him! He appears with it when I think I have captured them all and corralled them in his crib. It makes me nervous thinking about the upcoming months of weaning him from it. ugh!

1 comment:

The Gardiner Family said...

Love reading your grace in Small Things....especially this one by Henry. I may be coping your idea.

If you have cream cheese, growing up we would have cream cheese on the Ritz crackers as a snack, very yummy!


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