Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grace in Small Things #24

1. Having my mom and dad here for the weekend. Always a treat!

2. What a good feeling having gone through the boys closets and dressers and moved out summer clothes, brought out the next size for Henry, and took out the stuff that is too small for both of them!

3. A visit from our family friends Paul and Betty Glatzel. They came up for some Wisconsin Badger fun with my parents and today they popped in for a short visit. Such special friends and it is always fun to see them outside of the week up north at the cottage!

4. I have had the time to bake bread, master two types of homemade soup, bake an apple pie, try homemade noodles, and bake homemade mac and cheese. I appreciate having the time and desire to be "domestic" during these cool fall days.

5. Our family has made it a priority to get to church 3 weekends in a row. Charley is enjoying Sunday school, Henry is such a good boy during mass, and I am enjoying the quiet time to reflect. After, we stop at the farmers market. It is a nice Sunday morning routine.

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