Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where's Charley?

So, after my parents left today, and once we got Henry down for nap Charley, Ed, and I headed outside to get some yardwork done. The two neighbor girls came over and played for over an hour on our swing set. There was lots of laughing, shouting out orders as they drove their "boat" or "ship" or whatever it was they were doing. It started to rain and the girls had to head home so we headed inside. Ed wanted to sit down and watch some football but Charley wanted to watch a cartoon. The kid has been so good all weekend and didn't watch any tv yesterday so I convinced Ed to go upstairs to watch on our small bedroom tv. We put on a cartoon and left Charley to watch and play. I headed up to go through closets and dressers and reorganize the boys clothes. After awhile I realized it was very quiet downstairs. So I called down to Charley...and when I say called...I mean I yelled "CHARLEY!" He didn't answer! So I called again...louder, "CHAAAARRRLLEEEEEYYYY!" He still didn't answer so of course now I am in a panic. Ed too. So Ed grabs Henry while I fling open the top gate of the stairs and fly down the stairs. Arriving downstairs, while yelling "CHARLEY! ANSWER ME!" I turned to find this:
Where's Charley?

So the cartoon had ended and the tivo had switched back to live tv...which was racing. There were toys scattered everywhere...and still I couldn't find Charley...and then there he was....curled up under the tv, on the big yellow pillow. SLEEPING!

My big wonder...what makes a kid put down their toys and crash! AMAZING! TOTALLY AMAZING! Poor kid was exhausted! Love him always...but it is moments like this....

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Peggy said...

i love this post!


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