Monday, October 26, 2009

To infinity and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big question this time of year, besides what kind of cake did you have for your birthday, would be: What are you going to be for Halloween?

I ask it to every child I run into.

About a month ago we were grocery shopping at Target and Charley spied the "Haunted House Area" a.k.a. the Halloween Holiday aisle. He begged to stroll down. So we did. Why not?! We left in tears about 20 minutes later because I wouldn't buy any of the 15 costumes that thrilled him. I knew that his mind would change day to day for the next month. The most likely costume was going to be Star Wars...a storm trooper...

I grew up with a mom that sewed us costumes or helped us compile awesome traditional costumes from stuff in our home. My sister was a mailbox- constructed out of a box. I was a boyscout, cowboy, nurse, etc. The first couple Halloweens Charley has worn awesome costumes made by Ed's mom (a Hersey kiss and a bumblebee). Last year he was a pirate (given to us from an old student). So for me to gaze at the Star Wars costume and think about the $30 dollars it would cost, kind of bugged me. So I was on a mission to find the costume that would make his eyes sparkle...and would give him an answer, filled with pride, to the almighty Halloween question: What are you going to be?

I stopped at a garage sale one day and hanging there was a Buzz Lightyear costume! It was 7 bucks..size four, brand new...from the Disney store! I got it and started planning how I would get Charley to go from wanting to be a Storm Trooper to Buzz Lightyear. (You should know that his favorite movie these days is Toy Story. He brought his woody doll for show and tell. And calls Buzz LightYEAR - Buzz LightBEARD") So I swore to myself that I would not tell him I got this costume until the week of Halloween, so that he couldn't be excited and then change his mind. But that night, after buying the costume, I was reading to him and we started talking about costumes. And I said, "So Charley, what about being Buzz Lightyear." And that is all that it took. He loved it! He knew Target had it. And he was excited. And ME...I sighed in relief....knowing I spent $7 on an awesome costume.

For his birthday I wrapped up his costume and here he is....
drum roll , please....

Charley as Buzz Lightyear!


Raina and Andy said...

okkkkkkkkkkk wishing buzz lightbeard would trick or treat at our house! RR

Anonymous said...

Love it! I bet he can move pretty fast in that. Make sure he saves candy for the rest of the neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...that is an AMAZING costume!!!
Lily will be a pink piggy! just to answer that burning question!
really really good costume!!


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