Friday, September 25, 2009

That's what neighbors are for...

I have this neighbor.
Her name is Kirsten.
It rhymes with "Beer-stin".
We enjoy wine together!
She has come to my rescue with ingredients when I bake or diet cokes on a random afternoon.
Today it was Worcestershire sauce - two tablespoons.
Charley and I were attempting Chex mix.
So Charley grabbed his umbrella, a small container, and two cupcakes as a Thank You!
And off he went to get our 2 tablespoons.

When we moved into this house I hoped for some fun neighbors.
I appreciate having Kirsten there for accompaniment to Wine Tastings or for a tablespoon of this or that.

I wish everyone a neighbor like this. And I hope that she knows I am here ....just not for Worcestershire sauce today.

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