Friday, September 25, 2009

Grace in Small Things #23

1. Rainy days that can be cozy and stay-at-home kind of days.

2. Carpools: I am in a carpool with two other moms for Charley's preschool and I don't have to drive at all on Fridays! So nice - especially on a Rainy day.

3. Rosies's dip from the Washburn IGA. Ed's mom brought it this past weekend...we are out of good dipping veggies so I have resorted to tortilla chips but no worries, if you have tried the dip you know it is good with EVERYTHING! Can't let it go to waste.

4. It is Friday and Ed has worked hard and long all week. It will be nice to have a low key weekend with no obligations.

5. New fall tv. Last night Grey's Anatomy started and it. was. good.


Anonymous said...

funny!!!!!!!! LOVE THAT DIP-

Barb said...

BUT did George really die? I thought he joined the service (would be out of the show) but I waited for Izzy's phone to ring for 2 hours!


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