Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go Local

Our city has a farmers market that runs from spring until late October. Last year we started taking advantage of the fine fruits and vegetables that were available. Some of the items were a better deal than the local grocery stores. Sometimes, the deal isn't better money wise but you can't beat home grown carrots or tomatoes grown right here in our county. It is fun to go each week and see what is more available and what is no longer in season. A couple weeks ago I bought corn and I knew it was late in the season and we were disappointed but today she had a truck load again and I couldn't resist! We'll see what we get. So for $19.00, money that was passed to local community members for their amazing produce, we walked away with...

2 large squash (when we arrived that was what Charley was looking for!) $5
A bucket of potatoes $2
3 large sweet onions $2
a melon $3
5 Large green peppers $2
and a dozen ears of corn $5

I am planning on slicing, dicing, and freezing the green peppers to use in chilli's and spaghetti sauce this winter. Peppers are WAY cheaper at the farmers market! The corn I am going to cook up and freeze. We loved the ham and corn chowder and so I will make more of that this week to freeze. I have hopes of adding potato into it. I need to investigate that. This week we are taking a field trip to Ed's cousin's house. Molly is a big time canning goddess! She is going to teach me how to can tomatoes! I am so excited!

I challenge you! If you have a farmer's market available to you- give it a visit. You will be inspired to learn how to use some of the local produce! And heck, you are helping the community farmers, saving the earth because these fruits and veggies didn't have to be trucked across the country, and heck - it just feels right.

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Barb said...

On my way home from Wisconsin Dells today, I stopped at our local market on the corner - 6 ears of perfect young/small kernel corn and 3 tomatoes that taste like candy. I agree - enjoy those farmer's markets. I have my own green peppers this year and chop, freeze on cookie sheets, and bag. They are great in many cooked meals and on top of home made pizza too!


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