Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Power Struggles

Dear Henry,

You are growing up so quick and lately you have been showing more and more of your personality and we all love it! You are giving us joy each and every day, but also testing us with your little tricks. I can see that you idolize your big brother because you are always watching what he is doing, and often go and try to do what it is he is doing as soon as he moves on to the next thing. Much of the day I am saying,
"Boys, be safe!
Boys! Be Careful!
The two of you love to romp and rough house. And you, yes you Henry, are many times the instigator. Who can blame your big brother for getting jazzed and excited when you come and sit on his face, or plow into him with a giant bear hug. The giggles are non-stop.

This past week you have decided that you WILL NOT sit in your booster seat at mealtime. I have tried to battle you and let you wander and whine while the rest of us sit to eat breakfast...lunch...or dinner...in hopes that your hunger wins out and you sit down in a safe and buckled seat. However, you climb up in one of the regular chairs and sit -determined. Today was your first ECFE class and you refused to sit down at the table and therefore went without snack. All the ladies there think they have the answer...me, I know you are just trying to win!

When we play outside you stand next to Charley's big boy bike and cry. You want to ride it so bad. Which I understand...since Charley doesn't ride it. Someone should!

You are starting to thrust out of the stroller so that you don't have to ride in it. You would rather walk...like your big brother. You know where to hit the button so doors open with your power.

And last night when I put you to bed you refused to sit on my lap. Instead you wanted to sit beside me in the chair. This continued today at nap and at bedtime tonight. This is the biggest heartbreaking moment of all of these. You are growing up, you are showing that you are a big boy, you want some power.

My son, you are growing up. You are a big boy! Your brother is very impressed with all that you do and learn each day. He loves you following his lead. I am proud of you for figuring things out...but don't rush it. Cuddle, snuggle, and be safe - you will have plenty of time to do the Big Boy stuff. You are a joy. Your expressions are priceless...and your love of your dinosaur rain boots is priceless! (He wears them all day! He only takes them off to eat and sleep.) I love you little man! And most likely, I will win - you will be back in that booster seat, you will ride in the stroller when appropriate, and you WILL not be riding a giant two wheel bike this year!

Love, Mama

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Grandma Charlie said...

Hope I didn't start the "sitting side by side in the chair" for before bed reading. He was not happy to start books at first, kept pointing to the sides of the chair, finally got down, walked around a bit and climbed up beside me to listen!


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