Thursday, September 24, 2009

The. Boots.

These were once Big Brother Charley's boots. He loved them and wore them often. They are definite hand me downs. They are fading and starting to lose some of the ...well whatever it is that dinosaur boots have at the start. Henry has come to love these boots. This week he learned how to put them on...often times the wrong feet which shoes on the wrong feet are, personally, one of the cutest things on kids. He wears them all day, but must have them removed like a king when it is time to eat or sleep. And yes folks, today he not only sat for three meals, but he was latched in safely to his booster seat. WHA! HA - HA- HAAAA! (That is me doing my evil laugh!) I won!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the evil laugh. and i love the boots and henry!!! RR

Barb said...

Yes, and he and his mama even go out in public proudly with those boots on!


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