Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall is here...

The wind is blowing.
Our windows are open.
Leaves are rustling and falling from the trees.
Football is on.
Ed is brewing some pea soup. (Raina we will bring you some)
Life is good.
Fall is here.

Charley and the neighbor girls have been laughing and playing outside for the last two hours on our swing set and in our sandbox. I know the three of them would love to come inside but they are having such a good time and I just relish hearing kids playing outside on a fall day. I can see the future of long winter months of playing inside in our near future. They did take a short break to decorate some pumpkin cookies's never too early to get into the holiday spirit. Decorating cookies with 4-7 year olds is a riot. No matter how slowly you explain how to shake sprinkles they still dump way to much on one cookie...and then repeat...and repeat...and repeat. Cracks me up!


Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmm those cookies look SO delicious! any butter in those?? RR

Barb said...

Joy in the Fall - and you were all so lucky that you GET to do things like this!


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