Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tomorrow I GET to have a great day

So this weekend I was reading a blog that focused on the phrases "Get to" and "Got to". It spoke about going about our day and often times thinking "I've GOT to ...." and how sometimes we rebel and decline the opportunity. The writer spoke of his son drawing out the bedtime routine because he wanted to cuddle and because the dad's frame of mind was "I've got to do this," he rebelled and didn't cuddle. Later he realized that instead of thinking of it as a "got to" he could have thought of it as a "get to" moment. He realized that his son won't want to cuddle for forever and slowing down and changing one letter can make a difference on your attitude.

There are many, far to many moments during my day that I get caught up thinking "I've got to do this..." Last week Ed worked late many nights and I was "on" with the boys from 7 am until bedtime 7pm. So tonight I asked Ed if he could do bedtime. Like most moms...whenever I give up a "got to" I still can't totally relax and enjoy the freedom...I feel guilty. And my husband smiles and says things like, "I suppose I can do that." "If you really don't want to put the boys to bed." I already put so much guilt on myself when I step back and take a break from being a mommy. He likes to get me riled.

So this week, I am determined to think more positively about the mundane, responsible, annoying tasks - continue to appreciate the great parts of the day and especially all the things that as a mom I am responsible for doing. So tomorrow...

I get to wake up to two little miracles even if it is too early, because they are just so excited to start the day.
I get to make them breakfast.
I get to battle with Henry on where he sits at breakfast, but know that someday his determined personality will get him exactly what he wants.
I get to get them dressed (It is picture day so it could be a battle).
I get to convince Charley that it is time to turn off the cartoons and get ready for school.
I get to drive a van full of preschoolers to preschool.
I get to listen to kid music in the car.
I get to go get myself a flu shot.
I get to empty the dishwasher and reload it.
I get to slice and dice and freeze some giant green peppers.
I get to make my boys lunch.
I get to read with my Charley.
I get to decide what is for dinner.
I get to fold some laundry.
I get to put Henry down for a nap.
I get to keep my crabby boys busy while we wait for daddy to get home.
I get to make my family dinner.
I get to clean up after dinner.
I get to give bathes.
I get to snuggle and read with my boys.
I get to wake up and do it again on Tuesday!

Tomorrow I get to have a great day.
It is a privilege.

What do you GET to do tomorrow?


The Gardiner Family said...

Do I get to have one of your fall cookies?

I love your post Sarah, your a gifted writer and I am grateful you share your words with us.

gschneider said...

Thanks, Sar. Just what I needed to read :)

Barb said...

We all need to hear the difference in wording sometimes - I get to go to work today and see my coworkers who always add some sprinkles to my life - sometimes they dump too many sprinkles my way, but I'm lucky to have coworkers and NOT be in a one-girl office - friends come from ever walk in life, if you let them in.

Anonymous said...

i get to be tired today. HAHAHA~
no i GET to eat a dairy free peanut butter cookie today :)
i get to go home from work today.


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