Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two things....

1. I am not pregnant.

2. This evening we had a great time with some friends...all surviving another night with husbands working their tails off. When it was time for us to WALK home Charley didn't want to go. All the boys were going to jump in the pool. So I let him jump in the pool quick. Why? Because throwing your unhappy kids in the stroller for a 20 minute walk home is a lot different than throwing your unhappy kids in the car for a 3 minute car ride with the radio to drown out the whining. He got out of the pool fine when I said it was time to go. So the walk home could have been far worse...although I think I threatened at least 16 times that if he didn't stop whining we were NEVER going to do this again.

Note to other moms: Leaving with a stroller does leave more time for your child to drive you loony as he/she whines all the way home. Especially when it is past his/her bedtime.


Anonymous said...

Were people suspecting and questioning about #1? Or are you two 'trying' and this is your way of letting others know that this month wasn't the month?

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

nope. Just had a run in w/ a four year old that thought i looked to be one with child. kids say the darnedest things.

Peggy, Jason and Lily said...

i think you deserve a special mom treat today---you seem to be doing so well with workaholic husband this week--good for you! i would prolly have turned into mean wife on say....tuesday night!!!


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