Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life without a car...

So the last couple of days I have been in turmoil over whether I should rent a car while my van is in the shop to get the dent fixed that my van obtained when....Ed was driving. ha! Need to make that point. So for a about 7 hours yesterday I called the car fixing place to change my mind or ask questions about renting the car (for a small $22/day). When it came down to it I decided that we could do this. We could live without a car for two days. I can walk to a lot of necessary places...if I find them necessary. I found that when I returned home today from dropping off the car I noticed a different feeling. I was relaxed, at ease, feeling no pressure. I wasn't completely prepared for these two days...obviously, when nap time rolled around and realized I only had 3 diapers left. So Ed will pick those up on the way home. I think that not having a car today took the pressure off the need to go out and about. I could relax and feel like we were home for the day and free. I mowed the lawn, did some laundry, washed a few windows, kept kitchen cleaned, watched some kiddos for an hour or two, played a game of candy land, watched the boys putter around outside, and did whatever else that fills our days.

This evening is another long one for me. Ed thought we were going to be at my parents so he set up plans to work late every night. So we are sticking with that. I know it is hard for him to miss out on the time with us and I struggle keeping sane when I know he isn't coming home to give some relief...but I have MANY INCREDIBLE mommy friends who have husbands that travel often or work late all the time. So for me, one week, a night here or nothing. A group of mommy friends who deal with the evenings as single mommies started a little dinner hour playgroup, Hoot and Howl. Tonight we will join a few friends for a potluck dinner, a cocktail, and some fun. And guess what...we can walk there. I get lost finding this mom's house every time I go so I am going to use my birthday gift, the GPS, and walk our butts over there. I will get in my exercise for the day, the boys will get some fresh air, and tomorrow I will know will be okay because with or without a car.... I can get to friends.

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