Thursday, August 27, 2009

More free fun....

So without a car this morning we decided to walk to a nearby park that has a pond. A couple weeks ago we fished with Uncle Greg at the pond. I grabbed four end pieces of bread that usually go to waste, why? I have no idea, and actually I took 2 seconds and cut them up into small squares because I knew it would last longer.

Then we took off for the pond. We spent 40 minutes throwing bread in and looking at the fish, painted turtles, and even a snapping turtle. It was early and peaceful and I was sweating from my morning walk (you will notice that I point out the walking often, I am trying really hard to stay motivated and it helps to brag about the walking- holds me accountable!). Then we played at the park and walked the 20 minutes back home. The big excitement occured when Charley's bag of bread fell in the lake and we retrieved it with the minnow net that I threw in the stroller to catch grasshoppers with...if we felt like it. Who knew it would be used to rescue the bread. Charley did the whole rescue thing with my encouragement. Henry was determined to try it too but didn't.

On our walk home we passed the farm with cows and there was our neighbor gathering corn to feed the cows. When we got home we plunked down in the driveway to peel crayons so we could make a present for a birthday party coming up this week and over strolled the neighbor. He had lots to share about the land our neighborhood is all used to be his family's land. Now they are down to the small farm by Lifetime where they just raise beef cattle. He said they will have some new calves this winter and he would love Charley to come over to see. AWESOME! He mentioned how people complain about the farm from time to time...with the manure smell etc. Personally, I love that we live in a pretty big suburb but that in the middle of it all is this farm! Keeps it real! He told me to enjoy these years with the boys because his are all of to college and it felt like yesterday when he was puttering around the farm with them at his feet. Good reminders for my day.

Naptime for Henry and Charley will enjoy some quiet time. Daddy might be home for dinner tonight. I know the boys will LOVE that...and so will mama. Hopefully soon we will hear about the car. I have enjoyed the last two days far...

On a side note: As we were walking up to the playdate last night I explained to Charley that the house has a trampoline but that I preferred he not play on that tonight. He asked Why? and I gave him the reason that he didn't know how to do it, and that I didn't have a car to drive him to the doctor if he got hurt. He responded with a, "But mom, you just jump." After dinner all the kids went on the trampoline...including Charley. It has safety sides so I felt better about it. But I told the other moms about Charley telling me that "you just jump mom!" And it reminded me of a story my mom told me about when I was little. I wanted to jump in rain puddles and asked why I couldn't...and her reason..well there wasn't a good one. I still am very nervous about trampolines but we'll take it one day at a time.

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