Friday, August 28, 2009

Sorting laundry with a surprise

This morning I was sorting our clean laundry to fold and Henry was helping. He was looking mainly for "OCKS!" and putting them in a pile. After we sorted one basket we moved on to Charley and Henry clothing. And for the first time I heard a clear "arley". His attempt at saying his brother's name. We can't wait to hear what he calls Charley...looks to be pretty accurate.


Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

Yes, I see that Charley had to repeat, Mama, you know what? like 5 times and then I responded with the quickest, "Yeah, great." I was focusing,,,ha!

Anonymous said...

Yes - fun and funny! So special to see his joy in helping besides saying new words - I love it. Grandma Barb

Raina and Andy said...

hahahaha how you realized that about charley!! funny. i wish wish wish wish wish we lived closer so i could come over and LOVE those boys up and do more special stuff with them and not have it be such a big ordeal with travel you know. -RR

Barb said...

I just watched it for the 4th time! Can't get enough of him. And the hat too!! Charley gets such a charge out of his little brother also - so cute I will now go watch it again!


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