Thursday, August 27, 2009

Smiles at dinner...

Tonight for dinner we pulled out one of our was made by was delicious...a chicken thing. Along side it I made some corn on the cob but cut it off the cob for something different. It was delicious and it makes me excited to pull it out of the freezer this winter. I froze 25 cups of 2 cup bags!

But the biggest smile came over this...first off, this afternoon we got back from walking to get corn and I sat down outside and the boys were puttering around. I grabbed that book I referenced the other day. I got excited about a recipe and that brought Charley over. He grabbed a small cooler from the garage and came over and sat next to me. We started reading all the different recipes. Then he started noticing words he could read in the those teachable moments that just pop up. Next thing I know Henry is sitting next to me on the other side. He went in the garage, tipped over the bucket with all the chalk, brought it over, tipped it over, and plopped down on it. For 10 minutes we sat there excited over recipes. So one of the recipes was for biscuits. I usually make them with Bisquick. These looked simple enough. So I gave them a try! THEY TURNED OUT! ED couldn't help smile as he ate his first one. I was elated. You know how certain things have a taste that you can't forget...tacos from Taco Bell, fries from McDonalds, kraft mac and cheese, etc....well Bisquick biscuits taste like Bisquick. So tonight I found my biscuit recipe. I am PUMPED! I can't say enough good things about this book. There are so many tips in there that are so helpful and it is done so that you feel like it is possible!

I was also smiling because my car was in the driveway! All fixed and looking like brand new! I even vacuumed it out before we took it in so it is all clean inside! So tomorrow we will be off on adventures again :) It was a nice two days of being stranded at home. Tonight at dinner we talked about the word stranded. Life is good. So are the biscuits!

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Raina and Andy said...

can you SHARE the recipe? Would it be something I have the ingredients for? RR


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