Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Presenting ....Dr. Gregory

Ph. D.

Final Oral Examination
Gregory S.

Science in the Science Museum: Representing Science for the Public

This morning Henry and I ventured down to the University of Minnesota to watch my brother do his thing! It was kind of a surprise. My mom flew in last night as a surprise. We texted him on the way up to say that Henry and I were on our way. We arrived in plenty of time. We got to sit in a room of 20 plus people who were all there to support, learn, and celebrate 7 years of hard work. I am the first to admit that I had no idea what my brother has been doing these last few years. People would ask and I would just smile, tip my head, and say...ask him. Today I got to see the "professor" in him as he stood in front of us and shared his knowledge, ideas, and thoughts. He added humor and took drinks of water without dribbling. Recently, we asked Greg to be Henry's Godfather. It made me very proud to think that his nephew, his godchild, the little one who he is responsible to help lead down the right path in life, make wise decisions, be safe, live smart...etc....at 19 months of age he was already witnessing a role model becoming a doctor. Greg did a great job, was spoken highly of by faculty, and was obviously supported by many today and Henry got to sit on my lap and watch. I know he is too little to get it...because frankly a lot of it went right over my head too - but he was a trooper and sat silently during the 40 minute presentation and then wandered the grounds of U of M with much enthusiasm. What a beautiful campus - I had never been. Flash forward 19 years and I would love to see him really walking this path of learning. We are so proud of you today Dr. Gregory S. You are off to great adventures! Henry was witness to a huge accomplishment today. I love that we were there. I am glad we surprised you - just a little. Congratulations! You. Did. It!

Uncle Greg, Grandma Barb, Henry, and Greg's advisor

Celebrating with lunch!

Thank you Lynelle for picking up Charley from camp and letting him play at your house so that I could be there for this big moment! You save my ass daily! I owe you so much jam!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE that you, Henry, and your mom went to support Greg. It is a HUGE accomplishment and one made sweeter when family is involved. Proud of Greg...proud of you and your mom for taking the time to help celebrate with him!


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