Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grace in Small things #16

1. Rainy mornings in pjs...with content happy boys and productive mama!

2. Crockpot - doesn't heat up the house but makes it smell yummy all day! And when dinner time rolls around there isn't a huge mess in the kitchen. Tonight - pizza rice.

3. 20 minutes on my elliptical - I will admit with sagging shoulders looking at my toes...I have not used my elliptical since we moved it out to the central part of our house. HOWEVER, I have been walking more and I used it today! WOO HOO! I am motivated and going for it! Hoping for new jeans in September - it is okay to dream right!?

4. My diet coke! Time to crack it open...fizzzzzzzzzzzz

5. The moment when I THINK all the boys clothes are folded and put away! It doesn't happen very often but boy does it feel good to be mostly caught up.

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