Monday, August 17, 2009

Five things....ummmmmm...ummmmm

Charley is an expert at drawing out his bedtime goodnight with Ed and I. After reading and chatting for a bit he always ends with "I have three things to tell Mama or daddy (whoever is NOT in the room). " He then proceeds to go UMMM...ummmm...until both Ed and I are feeling like fire will shoot out of our ears or our heads will explode. We don't rush bedtime but my goodness...listening to him come up with things...wasting time with ummmmm...kills us. Tonight Ed came down and said, "Charley only had 5 things to tell you tonight." So I can only imagine the ummmms that Ed was tortured with.

Here are his five things...

1. He can't wait for Grandma to get here. (they are coming this weekend)
2. Can't wait for ooey gooey Camp.
3. Maybe we could go to McColl Pond Park tomorrow.
4. Maybe we could get a babysitter and go to a movie with him.
5. Maybe we could do something as a family like go to Chucky Cheese or to a restaurant like the Crab (probably Red Lobster).

Oh, my son Charley.
You are one of a kind.
Your days are blessed with fun!
Sleep tight my son.

Tomorrow IS Ooey Gooey he will get one thing on his list checked off.

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