Sunday, August 23, 2009

A little 'nothing' is all we need.

After another busy weekend I found that my Henry wasn't feeling good. He hasn't napped normal in more than three days. He woke in early early obnoxiously early this morning. His nose began running yesterday afternoon and today it was like a faucet. After just a 45 minute snooze he woke up with a very disturbing cough so I rushed him to Urgent Care to get a handle on things. We are supposed to leave tomorrow to spend the week with my sister at my mom and dads. I began dreading the trip this morning in the obnoxiously early hour when Henry called out to me, "maaaamaaaa, maaaammaaaaa!"

After two hours at Urgent Care...we found out...nothing. So we will see how tonight goes, what tomorrow brings, and head to our regular doctor if needed. Disappointed am I that we are not voyaging down to my mom and dads. Always a fun adventure! Devastated is Charley when we told him. I will have to make this week ROCK! But most of all I think there was a little relief in my mom and sister's voice. All three of us have been running ragged with plans and even though this week would have been awesome ....we could all probably use a little "nothing." See here.

Mama Raina - I wish you a week of "nothing." Enjoy every peep that little smiley guy gives you. Mom, work hard, get your stuff done, enjoy your girls night on Tuesday and feel rested for your next fun weekend. And as for me...we will take things slow this week...board games, sprinkler parks, the library, the usual...with maybe a little more snuggle time and nap time for both boys. The summer is coming to a close faster than ever. We got Charley's teacher assignment and his meet the teacher date. Reality is hitting. Though saddened that our week of fun with Aunt Raina and cousin Eli is not going to work out this week - I know we will find the blessing in "nothing."

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