Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grace in Small Things #17

1. BLTs - This time of year with a tomato from our garden - can't beat it. Recently I discovered that adding lettuce to any sandwich really makes it better. I am not a sandwich person- but lately yum!

2. Closet space - I have been working on trying on clothes and deciding what I am going to consign, donate, and toss. I have room in my closet and am starting to get the fall shopping itch...but will try to hold off for another month!

3. My laptop: I love that I can sit anywhere in our house and waste time on this machine.

4. A feeling of anticipation for the upcoming fall routine. Summer is splendid, but our summer activities have ended and for the last two weeks and the upcoming week ahead we are at lose ends. Fall brings a new routine that will challenge us and offer sanity.

5. Walking with my boys. They have been really good about going with me for stroller walks. Charley still fits in the double jogger. I have been packing them a breakfast and off we go. It really helps me start the day off right. Maybe they get it.

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