Monday, August 17, 2009

Sushi Night!

I love when I can put a genuine, excited, deep down smile on Ed's face. And one of the things that puts a smile on his face is sushi making with my brother. My brother and his girlfriend Liz joined us last night for a little sushi making and some canasta....and of course some Cootie and block building with the boys. Charley met his first "snake reading" goal and chose as his reward to stay up an extra 15 minutes. So he stayed up to witness the sushi making extravaganza. We had red snapper, salmon, tuna, and opah. Charley didn't try any though. It was a yummy night! Making your own sushi is much cheaper than going out for sushi - something that I know Ed would like to do more often (eat sushi that is). Thanks for a fun night Uncle Greg and Liz. We know you are both going off to have exciting adventures in Flint, MI and Africa but know that you are always welcome at our house...just bring a little tuna and some sushi rice!

On a side note! I haven't eaten out for two weeks (this includes two weekends)! Think of how much money we are saving. I will go out on Thursday for our Mom's Club anniversary dinner. But so far no fast food, no take out, no pizza night, and no big dinners out with the family. Good for us in so many ways...healthier and wealthier.

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anne said...

The sushi looks yummy! Where do you find sushi grade fish?


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