Friday, August 7, 2009

Another day, Another Outing

I grumble many mornings when my boys are up so early and I know I have friends who have children that sleep until 8 or even 8:30. But then there are rainy mornings like today when we are up around 6:30 and by 8:30 we have been cozy, relaxed, productive, and ready and out the door heading somewhere exciting. Maybe the rest of the world is waking up but we are on our way to the Children's Museum. We get there early when there is hardly anyone there. We are free to explore without the tremendous crowds. We have lunch and are home in time for a quiet afternoon where mama gets a few things done, Henry naps, and Charley plays and enjoys a cartoon. I appreciate being at these fun places when they open - when we almost feel like we are the only ones enjoying this special place. We are members at the Children's Museum only because each person from 1-100 has to pay 8.95 and once a family of 4 goes twice you have practically paid for the membership. So we go often but not too often. It is special place that Charley thinks is a treat. We have been there when Henry slept, when Henry sat in a stroller, when Henry crawled, when Henry toddled about, and now as PLAYED! So fun to watch him grow!


gschneider said...

Fun! You should have called! It's a quick ride down.

Grandma Charlie said...

Brings back some fond memories of last year! Yes now Henry can pretend too.


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