Monday, June 22, 2009

Trying to keep busy in between updates...

So Charley decided he wanted to have a birthday party today. He explained, "I got the cake from Target. It is there in that bowl. You can make the decorations and wrap a present. I will be the kid and you can be the mom. I will do this puzzle while you get the party ready. And it will be a surprise. I will have to RETEND I don't know about it. I want all my boy friends to come. " I replied that after the party we will go outside and play in the sandbox. He said, "That is fine because my party will only take 20 minutes." "So mama, you have to go do the surprise, I will RETEND that I am at the park with my friends and so they will be a little late for the surprise. Go hide!"

So heck, I am trying to keep myself busy and though this seems silly I made a banner, cut a piece of Ed's father's day pie, and wrapped a "New to Charley" puzzle that I stashed from a garage sale. Time for the surprise.

It is really hard to wonder what is happening with the my sister and family. I want to know what they are learning from moment to moment, are they getting attention from doctors often enough to keep their hearts at ease. What is Raina wearing today? Is she caring for herself - she needs to remember that she just gave birth and deserves to be cared for too! Is Andy getting meals? And of course, how is that little Eli bug doing!? So we will have a RETEND (this is how Charley says pretend) birthday party and continue to wait for more news. Shoot ....Charley is shouting and telling me where to hide. Better go - wouldn't want him to know about the surprise.

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