Monday, June 22, 2009

Eli update

This morning things are getting underway at Children's Hospital. Raina and Andy are feeling confident in the care he is getting...especially now that it is Monday morning and Team Rounds have started. They got to sit in while a team of doctors from all different specialties discussed Eli and his needs. Very powerful! Hematology will look deeper into things today. Raina has been able to nurse him quite often, which she wasn't able to do at first because they wanted to monitor exactly how much was going in and coming out etc. But he is nursing now more often which I know is so good for mama.

Andy changed his diaper, welcome to being a daddy! Which by the way, I have mentioned so much about my sister in all this but standing beside her is Eli's daddy and the person who is keeping Raina calm through all this. He knew when baby was born that he would be thrown into being a dad...but he didn't expect to be dealing with these circumstances. No first time dad should have to worry about all of this right off the bat, but Andy is handling it all well and after all of this has calmed down a skinned knee, a little fever, or a stubbed toe is going to be nothing!

They appreciate all the thoughts and prayers so keep them coming. And I will update again when I have something to share. Meanwhile, life goes on in our household. Trying to keep myself busy so I don't go crazy thinking and wondering about all of this.

P.S. These two pictures were taken by my mom at 9 pm last night. I think all the pictures I took were very deceiving. This picture of him makes his small 5 pound 4 ounce size more real. He is a tiny miracle....but you know what they's the little things in life.....

Oh - and Raina is checking this so if you want to leave her a little message on here in the comments she will see it!


Nora said...

He is such a sweetheart! I'm looking forward to seeing him in person. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Glad Raina and Andy feel good with the care Eli is getting! Raina--I haven't talked to God this much in a LONG time. By the way, He thinks you and Andy are fantastic parents and he gave Eli to you just for that reason! Love you!

Jessica said...

Thank you for the beautifully written updates. He is so adorable! Raina, Andy and Eli you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Sarah!! Raina and Andy...he is so tiny and so adorable!! Truly a gift from God!!! YOur in our thoughts and prayers!! Love you guys!
MElissa & Joey

Anonymous said...

Raina and Andy,
Congratulations your beautiful baby boy! Love reading Sarah's updates on everything. Can't wait for Charley and Henry to meet their new cousin :>) Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers, Sharon and Jim


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