Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day - Grace in Small Things #4

I have been working on my father's day blog post for a few days. I decided to name five things that amaze me about Ed as a daddy. It has been hard to finish this since my mind has been consumed with my brother in law becoming a daddy and my sister becoming a mom. I was able to go and visit them and witness a few moments during their first 24 hours as parents.

I was also able to have breakfast with my dad. He too deserves a big shout out on father's day. He has raised three children, two of which have become parents to their own children. Another who has earned his doctorate and is doing amazing things. He has built special relationships with my two sons as a grandpa. Every time we are there he surprises me by coming up with some activity whether it is building roads with rope at the cottage or washing the little red car. I wish him more time to relax and less stress on the job. More time with his friends and less crap in his diet. More adventures with my mom and less road trips for work. Happy Father's day dad!

For father's day this year Charley came up with the idea to go mini golfing. So Ed and Charley mini-golfed and Henry and I walked the walking path around the course. Then we gave daddy time to catch up on work and watch the golf that was on tv. For dinner daddy grilled some filet for dinner. It was scrumptious. And of course we had french silk pie all weekend!

To my husband - here are five ways you amaze me as a father. Happy Father's day!

1. I love the attention Ed gives to his boys each evening when he arrives home from work. Rough housing, football in the yard, or a bath and some deep conversation before bed. Ed consistently gives bath to the boys each night. I find his involvement in the boys day to day life gives peace to our household. He works hard to get home on time so we can have a family dinner plus some time to play.

2. Ed is willing to make things happen...whether it is taking Charley skiing, getting Henry into swim lessons, or building a sandbox so we can enjoy it all summer.

3. His ability to be calm cool collected daddy when mommy is on edge. His daddy perspective is always reasonable and wise.

4. His growth as a daddy has been amazing. When Charley was born he had very little experience with children...he wasn't a babysitter when he was younger. He naturally became a pro and this is one of the ways he continues to surprise me. Each new stage in our boys lives give me reason to fall in love with him again.

5. The "daddy" surprises throughout the year. Whether it is volunteering to go on a preschool field trip, getting in the pool for every swim lesson with Henry, getting home for doctor appointments, being stay at home daddy so I can run to see my sister's new baby....he continues to surprise me by doing things that make him an involved and loving father.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah, that was from me! Sharon

Anonymous said...

got this email from Todd's wife Amy who was a NICU nurse for several years. It's your info to pass on if you think it's helpful...

I thought of one more thing. Becky Schauer is a NICU nurse at Childrens in Milwaukee so if they are at that hospital they can ask for her. Maybe they will get some info that way. I thought you said Milwaukee but I could be wrong. anyway hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures of Eddie and the boys. Just think of looking back at those in 30 years like we have with our own dads. Wow! You got a good one, Sarah. :)



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