Monday, June 8, 2009

"Playing School"

Charley has loved to do workbooks, learning, reading books, all those sorts of things since...forever. He begs for projects, crafts, etc. So this afternoon I took some time to look around at some websites, look through some of my books, print off some ideas, organize a few things and get a "Homework" folder set up for him. Because our mornings are so hectic it will be something he will work on after lunch when I have Henry down. I believe it will be a quiet time for him and I and I am hoping to continue this next year and the year he begins his half day kindergarten. I am hoping that each day (with the flexibility that we can skip a days when life is busy) after lunch he will settle in with his folder. He will get to crack it open and see what is in store for him. Maybe a few learning sheets, maybe a craft, maybe he will write a letter to someone, a nature challenge, some exercises. Maybe it will be something for us to do together and maybe it will be something independent. Who will be flexible and fun. Tomorrow we will start and I am so excited to see what he thinks. This is something I am going to have to take a little time to prepare but I realized today when I was doing it how much I miss lesson planning as a teacher and so many things pop into my head. And I am only doing this with Charley because he loves it and asks. If he couldn't sit still for this or had no interest we would not be doing much of this. But since he does enjoy it ... .why not. It is a work in progress...all fun!

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