Friday, June 5, 2009


Last week my good friend and I decided on Monday to throw a garage sale together for Wed-Friday! It was crazy prepping it but the weather was gorgeous. The kids played along with the whole event nicely, and a good time was had. Not sure if we made enough money to say it was totally worth it but I enjoyed the time. Wed. and Thursday morning I baked chocolate chip cookies and sold them 50 cents a piece and they did really well! ha! Henry enjoyed roaming around in the morning and then napped like a trooper in the afternoons. I sold little things and the things we didn't sell...well that was boxed up and dropped at a donation spot Friday afternoon! So cool! I promised myself that the majority of stuff would not end up back in the basement!

I made sure to apply sunscreen to myself and the boys. But even still, by the end of each day my face felt sun kissed, tight and dry. My arms are getting a nice bronze color...even with the sunscreen.

I have also been adjusting to the new summer routine. It is hard to think that the afternoons where Charley went to preschool and Henry napped are over. This was my time to get a lot of the stuff done. Next year Charley will go to morning preschool and Henry will just nap in the afternoons when Charley is home. So my days of both being occupied so I can choose what occupies my time are over for the time being.

Today Charley started swimming lessons. He will go everyday for two weeks. He loves it and will be great. I love that they are everyday. I think he progresses so much more quickly. The challenge will lie with Hankers. He will have to be a good boy up in the hot stuffy bleachers...50 minutes. I might have to call upon the neighbor girl a couple of the days. We'll see. Next week the summer chaos will begin. I always swore I would not be "that" mom that overbooked her children. But next week Charley will do Tennis and swimming two mornings, soccer/tball and then park program (getting picked up early) and swimming...The kid will either nap or crash by 7pm. It will all be fun and exciting so that is the only thing good about next week. After next week things will settle down because swimming will end and then by the time another swim session starts tennis will end. The kid is sooooo excited to try all of these sports and it is really affordable through the community recreation department. So if things are too much for him or me we can miss things from time to time.

The sandbox is a daily thrill and the garden is doing well. We haven't lost any of our 23 tomato of which has three tomatoes already! The zucchini and squash plants are already bigger than they were last year. The raspberries haven't died yet! The front walk landscaping is all thriving.

I have been finding time to mow the lawn each Thursday. It is one thing I can do, now that I learned, that allows Ed to relax in the evening and enjoy the boys. I actually really enjoy the job and find that Charley plays nicely in the sandbox while I mow...Henry of course naps. The kid is down to one nap a day ...a good three hour snooze by 1 pm. Can't beat that.

I need to get walking again. We moved that lovely elliptical out and the weather has been good but walks haven't fit in. So this week I am vowing to get moving. It is time.

I have been trying to cut back on my time on the computer. I was finding that too much of my day was spent at this machine and with the kids playing outside more it is harder to find time to sit down. So that would be why my blogging has slowed down. It isn't that there aren't great things happening, or deep thoughts to be reflected on. Life is just settling into the summer routine....although the last three days have felt more like October around here. brrrrrr!

We are all still counting down to my sister's big day! I am hoping for this week or 1 week overdue! HA! Next week is crazy. But Ed is trying to work it that he can stay home for a day or two so I can hop in the car and go! I can't imagine him trying to get the boys out the door and to all the different places, with snacks, the right gear, water bottles, and sunscreen.

As my mom says....And the beat goes on.....

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