Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's a big world -baby and you're little... for a little while!

Little Eli is doing okay. This morning he was moved from the hospital where he was born to Children's Hospital. He is in the ICU there and is being monitored very closely. He is looking adorable! He has nursed some but is being fed good things that will help him grow too. Raina and Andy are able to stay at the hospital, but because they live so close this won't be guaranteed nightly. They do live very close but it is VERY hard to deal with these circumstances. His vitals are good. His issues are with his blood. They haven't figured out why his blood is so thick or why his platelets are off. They are doing many tests to figure out what exactly he is dealing with. There are no answers at this point and I am hoping that an update on here will alleviate the need for Raina or my mom to have to repeat the information over and over. I, myself, find it hard to explain without getting sad. We all have faith and confidence that he is going to be just fine but his start has been tougher than expected. Raina and Andy are of course exhausted but they are advocating for their little miracle and dealing with things the best they can. Tomorrow they will be heartbroken when they journey home to shower and clean up without little Eli in his car seat but their minds are at ease knowing he is getting wonderful care.

Little things that happened today for little Eli - he is off oxygen, he smiled in his sleep, he got his hand up by his mouth, he is tooting, he nursed for 20 minutes and then burped! He is taking a nuk, Raina's milk is coming in and she is pumping away! and they got a room tonight with a bed that will allow them to sleep and wake when they want to see him.

I am struggling because I am so far away and I don't know what to do to help. So I went shopping and got him two little newborn outfits. I carry my phone at all times. I have tried to give Ed a happy Father's day but have broken down into tears many times. I can't call my sister because I know I will fall apart but I am hoping really soon they will get things figured out and then at least we won't all be wondering. I think once we know what Eli is dealing with we will all feel a little more at ease.

Raina will send me some pictures tomorrow and I will update when I get them. Good night all! Don't forget to say a prayer for baby Eli, mama Raina, and papa Andy.

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Junebug said...

Joy and heartache all at once. I feel it tugging at my own heart reading about little Eli. I will keep him in my prayers! Absolutely! You're doing exactly what Raina and Andy need right now....diffusing the questions, being there for them, and loving them and their new miracle!


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