Monday, June 22, 2009

E Bug Update!

I just talked to my sister. She sounded incredible! So proud of her. They had a really good day. Their best day so far she said. The team of doctors and nurses are excellent and have Raina and Andy very busy caring for Eli. They have Andy and Raina doing much of the care. So a bath was given, diapers are being changed, glucose tested, monitors being read. Raina is nursing him regularly and the lactation consultant went to bat for them and got them a room. Raina is under the impression they will have this room for the duration but time will tell. I am so happy that they have a place to stay and keep their belongings. She can get up when needed to nurse her little one. They ran home today and showered and grabbed some food. She said the were back at the hospital in 45 minutes...and she chuckled...obviously they are determined to be with their little guy.

She has noticed changes in the shape of his face already. He is getting fluids plus the nursing so he hasn't dropped in weight like most babies do. He is very relaxed and content. He rarely cries or fusses. They have had more time holding him and being with him which is good. Of course it will be more wonderful when he isn't as hooked up.

Medical stuff...I have a hard time passing along this info because a lot of it I do not totally understand. They are still not totally sure why Eli's platelets are off. I think I will ask my sister to email me a small blurb on what she wants to share. I don't think she is a big fan of speculating what the issues are because it causes more worries than needed. Much of what she explained to me seemed to fit the "It will hopefully resolve itself." She said he is doing fine and they kind of think he will get sent home but will have to come in to get his platelets checked. At the most he would have to have a transfusion but they are hoping and don't think this will have to occur at this time. Something about Andy's blood and Raina's blood being different and maybe he needs to work on getting rid of Raina's blood...which babies do after they are born anyways. Why his platelets are down is still a mystery. Sorry I am not better at explaining.

I am heading to bed tonight thinking that much of what Eli is dealing with is going to resolve itself in his own time. Raina seems very positive, not scared, and confident that he is looking and acting strong. The big blessing is they have a room so they don't have to come back and forth to nurse. They are being treated wonderfully.

If someone from Raina's work could email email is on the right side of my blog...that would be great. I am wondering if there are a few people who could work with me to coordinate a few meal deliveries so they don't have to take time to think about eating. They don't have room service at Children's so they have to run out. Either bag meals or fast food...what do you think?

Anyways...I wish I was closer but like Raina one is going to be able to meet the little bug until he is home ..most likely. And they are consumed with caring for him so thoughts and prayers are what we can give them.

I will add pictures when I get some from Raina...either tonight or bright and early tomorrow!

I got to chat with my sister. She told me what she was wearing. What she ate today. She sounded so strong, so NOT exhausted, and so motherly! Even though this isn't the typical start - they are doing all the things that a new mama and daddy do. They are consumed. They are in love with their son - Elijah! Sleep well tonight little mama! Rest well big daddy! You guys are already great parents!

I am calling him E bug today...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update again! Things sound like they're going well. Sending my love...


Peggy said...

i love him..i love him! he is sooo adorable! i can't wait to snuggle him and tell him stories about his mama and daddy!! sara--you're doing an amazing job keeping people updated and making your sister's big moments so special.

Nora said...

I totally agree with Peggy. It is delightful to check the blog every day and get an update and look at the photos. He is such a cutie! I can sympathize with the whole name thing. I thought Eliot was a pretty original name and now I hear it all the time :) I guess each baby makes their own name special.


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