Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So we are keeping busy with the everyday things...and today at Target I had a moment. After naming our boys I found that everywhere we went there were Charleys and Henrys. It drove me nuts. I thought when we picked those names they were slightly unique. There are even brothers named Charley and Henry that I run into. WOW! So today at Target as we are leaving I see a mom squaring off with her little 2 year old son. She looks at me with eyes of...you understand this moment. I smile at her and then she says, "Elijah, come on. Right now!" Elijah wasn't a name I came across much, as a teacher I hear a lot of names...no Elijahs...and there at Target I hear it- not even 5 days after meeting my nephew! The boy was stubborn! Holding his ground. I think Raina and Andy's little Elijah is also showing his strength. They had an uneventful night which is good. His platelets didn't drop they actually went up a little. Today mama and papa are going to focus on just enjoying him so they warned less updates. I am glad they are going to do less worrying of the medical stuff. Raina said she is singing and reading him books. He pooped and is still nursing great. So keep them in your thoughts. Know they are consumed by him, as all new parents are.

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Barb said...

And today they were going to get to bring some of his clothes & blankets in and dress him, & photograph him some more ahhhhh - can't wait to see more photos! He's more than special. Love, Grandma Barb


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